We are a really inclusive club so just get in touch and we will let you know when we have a new show coming up, and when you can come along to the introductory meetings. Drop us an email on chairperson@theminervajuniors.com

Absolutely. Between shows we have social activities over the summer and autumn where potential new members can come along and meet the existing members and have some fun. If you decide you want to take part in our next show there is an information evening held and you can decide if you want to audition for a part, or if auditioning is not for you, you can choose to be one of the ensemble.

Brilliant! We need help with fundraising as it costs a lot to put on a show, so any ideas and volunteers to host fundraising events are very welcome. Please get in touch on our email on chairperson@theminervajuniors.com

We also need parent volunteers on show week to help backstage with quick changes and chaperoning of our young people. If your kid is in the show, and you are interested in helping on show week, let us know and we will organise a Disclosure Scotland form for you, free of charge and talk you through what you need to do. Easy! It’s terrific fun being part of the backstage fun and being part of the team that help to put on a performance!

Yes. This is covered by The Minerva Club.

Your child requires a child performance licence from the local council in order to take part in the show where:

  1. If your child is performing in more than one production in a year, or
  2. If our show requires your child to perform more than 4 days in a row, you will need a licence. We will help organise this.

This licence is applied for by The Minerva Juniors on your behalf and must be done at least 21 days before the first performance.

We ask for an annual membership fee for your people to join The Minerva Juniors. Fees change each year, depending on inflation and all the usual stuff, just as you would expect.

Payment of this fee can be staggered to make the payment more manageable. If you cannot manage these payments, please get in touch with us on chairperson@theminervajuniors.com, and we can have a discrete conversation offline to explore whether a staggered payment arrangement might help. We can also offer discounted fees, if your circumstances require.

Our key driver is that we are an inclusive club and we don’t want finances coming in the way of enthusiastic young people getting involved in The Minerva Juniors!

We do ask that you do your best to try to sell in the region of 25 tickets per show to friends and family as the cost of putting on a performance is high, and we need to ensure we cover our expenses each year. We provide flyers to help with this, so you can leaflet your school or neighbours on your street to drum up interest! There are lots of ideas that existing members can share about how they generate ticket sales to keep the shows packed with an enthusiastic audience. Don’t let ticket sales be a blocker for joining us, we can help with tips and tricks.

We’re going to be acting, singing and dancing, so wear something comfortable to move about in. We are not prescriptive! 

If you are interested, once you join we have a Minerva Juniors T Shirt you can choose to buy. Not everyone does, so there’s no pressure to spend money on the ‘right gear’.

If you perform in a show we organise a hoodie with the show branding on it for the cast. Again, there is no pressure or requirement to buy this! Everyone wears what works best for them.

Once auditions are out the way, usually around October, we tend to rehearse on Wednesdays and Sundays, but your child may not be required for every rehearsal. It depends on the part your child gets. We do ask that you are available for all Wednesday and Sundays after the Christmas holidays as the show tends to be in March, so we need to rehearse full runs and need all the young people there for every rehearsal so we can create a knock out performance!

We do ask parents to be please be realistic about what you can manage. If your child has a class that runs on Wednesdays, for example, it’s not going to be possible to be in two places at once! 

We have been asked in the past about coming on alternate weeks. This puts an extraordinary burden on the production team to rejig rehearsal schedules to accommodate this, and is not fair on other cast members either when they turn up every week. 

If it would help to chat this through, please get in touch using our email: chairperson@theminervajuniors.com

Feedback is how we learn, and we’re keen to keep getting better! Please drop a note of your thoughts over to chairperson@theminervajuniors.com